The Plum Tree Group is the worst of the worst. I started my own business with a limited budget as many do, I needed a website built and found The Plum Tree Group.

I have never felt more ripped off!

The project estimate was about 5 times what it should have been, the scope of the estimate included about 15% of what I thought we agreed to, as soon as they had some of my money they informed me of endless additional charges. Please stay away, complete wolf in sheep's clothing.

Too many horror stories with The Plum Tree Group to share!

Monetary Loss: $8.

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Stjordal, Nord-Trondelag, Norway #22942

Dear Readers of This Post

This is Ken Ventura Senior Project Manager at PTG. It appears that a past client of ours is deliberately trying to deceive the visitors of PissedConsumer by posting numerous false accusations and impostor comments regarding my company.

It is a shame that someone would sink to posting lies because they hide "annonomously". If anyone reading this post care to see the specifics of the project please contact me at ken@plumtreegroup.net I will provide specific evidence to show that the PTG not only completed the project as agreed to in scope but also provided over $2,500 of additional development costs requested by the client free of charge.

The only additional charge given to the client was $150. This was given 2 months after the project was completed because a novice developer hired by the client disturbed the code.

Furthermore, the client was given a milestone based project agreement. This means PTG does not collect payment or move forward with development unless the milestones are a) complete and tested b) signed off by the client.

If the client had such animosity, why would they sign off on 3 milestones, provide payment, recieve a working custom ecommerce site, then 3 months after the project closed post numerous false postings on message boards? Some things do not add up.

I feel so strongly about this deceptive practice that I am offering 10% off to any new client project that mentions this post to your Plum Tree Group project manager.

If anyone would like to reach me regarding my company, our standards and policies you can reach me again at ken@plumtreegroup.net

Oglesby, Illinois, United States #18014

Interested to learn more about your experience with the plumtree group. What happened exactly?

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